The Warring States Period

The Warring States period was an era in ancient Chinese history characterized by warfare, as well as bureaucratic and military reforms and consolidation. It was a period of seven states (Chu, Han, Qi, Qin, Wei, Yan, & Zhao) who battled for control of China.

Fantastic Battles

Author: Nic Wright Publisher: Irregular Wars Fantastic Battles is a fast-play, mass-battle, wargaming system for any fantasy setting. The rules emphasise the tactical concerns of command friction and the fog of war through randomised initiative, tabletop mishap rolls and the impetuous decisions of unsupervised unit commanders.

Go Big, Go Small

Are you one of those gamers who plays a lot of skirmish games in 28mm and fancy playing some bigger games but don’t have the storage space to house large armies in 28, or the cost of large armies in 28mm is prohibitive. The maybe looking at smaller scales might be the answer.