Using historical Fencing Manuals for reference (Part 2)

1.33 Sword and Buckler

Produced by an unknown author and illustrator, “Fechtbuch I.33” is an anonymous German manuscript from approximately 1300. It is highly significant as the earliest surviving manual of swordsmanship. Known as Manuscript I.33 (and pronounced “One thirty-three” rather than “Eye-thirty-three”) it deals entirely with the use of the Medieval sword and buckler. This “Sword & Buckler” manuscript now in the collection of the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England, has been traditionally referred to as the “Tower Fechtbuch”, or number I.33 (Tower of London manuscript I.33, Royal library Museum, British Museum No. 14 E iii, No. 20, D. vi.).

Below are links to two very good web sites that deal with the 12th century sword system known as 1.33 or i.33.

This link is to a group/association that provides a lot reference material which includes video and images.

This website includes a video of the first drill from 1.33.…d_buckler.html

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