Using Historical Fencing Manuals for Reference (Part 3)

Medieval Longsword

The Medieval longsword, “langenschwert,” or “spada a due mani,” was a specialized form of the “knightly” cruciform sword that developed in the early 13th century. Although initially developed to combat reinforced mail armour, by the mid-15th century, the
longsword had also become a civilian, “dueling” weapon in the city streets of Europe. This style of swordplay became so popular that fencing matches are recorded in Germany as late as the mid-18th century, two hundred years after the weapon’s usefulness on the battlefield had died out.

The first link is an overview of the common stances for the longsword.

The second link is an explanation of what a longsword is.

This next link is a video showing some of the basic movements of the longsword.…deoid=30373441

This is another video, which has been filmed from a variety of angles. Its an excellent resource for showing movement.…s-afte_extreme

This links to a very good video on Longsword techniques.
I’ll put together a full book list later.

Just thought I’d add this one, which is a short video displaying some dagger moves.

As the dagger is also an essential weapon for all historical and fantasy fighters.

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