Movies to make you game

I was watching episodes of the World War Drama “Band of Brothers” a few days ago, and I was suddenly interested in having a go at a WW2 skirmish game. This led to me checking out miniatures at 28mm scale and rules. I thought about the possibility of running a short squad based campaign set in Europe in the days after D-day. Having spent an evening looking at possible minis and rules, I started to think about other movies that I’ve seen which have led to playing games based around those films.

One of my early historical campaigns was many years ago after watching Zulu with Micheal Caine, and Zulu Dawn both based around the events at Islandawa and Rouke’s Drift. I remember using Airfix or similar type toy soldiers to battle the Zulus, against my brother.

More recently Sharpe TV series has been a great influence, which has led to buying Victrix and Perry models, along with a Napoleonic RPG called Duty and Honour. The Sharpe series are an excellent source for ideas, especially for RPG and skirmish level games

Duty & Honour
Duty & Honour

Other films in the past that have inspired my gaming have included Gettysburg, Troy, King Arthur, Waterloo (this led to large scale Waterloo game). One film in particular  (The Duelist) led me to playing a game by Alternative Armies  called The Duel (http://www.alternative-armies.com/The_Duel.htm). I used the rules to play duels, we had several characters who competed against each other for the prize of honour. We used a mix of historical and fantasy miniatures.

The Duel by Alternative Armies
The Duel by Alternative Armies

Its a simple and player friendly set of rules, that can be adapted to historical games for those moments where officers duel in the battlefield. I remeber using some Games Workshop (Vespero’s Vendetta)  duelists for my 17th Century civilians. They were from the Dogs of War range and are sadly no longer avaliable, though can sometimes be grabbed on E-bay.

What movies have inspired your gaming? let me know by leaving comments.


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