New for Christmas (Part 1)

Well it’s not long now till the big day arrives, so I thought I’d do a quick run down of what’s new in the world of wargaming miniatures. Some of the following are on my wish list for the festive season.

1. First up are the exquisite new plastic War of the Roses foot infantry from Perry Miniatures. These minis are absolutely amazing, nicely sculpted and you get a whopping 48 in a box for £15, a bargain. These are on my wish list, and will be used as part of a medieval army and as infantry in a Brettonian army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

2. Black Powder a new rule set from Warlord Games, this looks really interesting, in the fact that its one rule book that cover a period of history that you’d normally require several rule books to game in. This set of rules can  be used to play Napoleonic battles, run games in AWI and the American Civil War, as well late Victorian battles and skirmishes.

3. Wargames Factory have produced some of their best work,  in fact it is their best work, with the release of Vikings in plastic, and they look amazing. I’m now really tempted to build and paint a Viking horde in 28mm, especially now that Gripping Beast have resin ships. These plastic vikings are well sculpted, dynamically posed and you get 24 to a set, with a range of different weapons to tool your rampaging horde with.

4. The undead from Mantic, currently avaliable through pre-order, look really nice. Irregular Magazine were sent some of the Elves for review, and

we were extremely impressed with them. Each box will come with 20 multi part plastic undead, the image of the resin skeleteons look cool, so I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the walking dead. They are released in January 2010, and what I really like about Mantic is the box the miniatures arrive in is completely reuseable as a carry case for the minis once assembled, especially as its supplied with two protective foam sheets.
2009 Christmas Special from Too Fat Lardies

4. 2009 Christmas Special by Too Fat Lardies, this is a 123 page bumper packed PDF for £5, which contains a a bumper packed book full of articles on a wide variety of wargaming subjects. Which includes pulp action, articles on gaming in AWI, WW2 and ACW to name a few. Well worth purchasing for a good xmas read.

5. A Very British Civil War, if you haven’t come across this little gem, then your missing a great alternative history setting which is great fun to play. The source book, which is not rules specific, is set in 1930’s Britian and provides a background for an alternative history where Edward VIII did not abdicate and caused a constitutional crisis leading to a civil war.
Recently they’ve added to this source book with a new book which picks up from the original source book, this has been split in to two book, the North and the South. The first of the two the North, which includes the fight for Scotland was released in late November, and the book which continues the action in the South will be avaiable in late January, look out for the section on Cornwall written by yours truely.  All books and flags for the differing factions are avalaiable from Solway miniatures, there are plans afoot for further books on this campaign setting for 2010. I will keep you updated as I find out more.

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