New for Christmas (Part 2)

6. Musketeer Miniatures, have several new miniatures available in time for xmas and beyond, first up are the Brigand Characters for Inter War gaming (1920-1938), though these guys could always be used as partisans in a WW2 game. They’ve been primarily sculpted for the game, A Very British Civil War, but that shouldn’t stop you getting them for a pulp game or as partisans for a WW2 battle. These guys are very nicely sculpted and full of character. I especially like the guy with the fur shoulders, he could quite happily be a leader of bandits, mercenaries or partisans.
Another range that musketeer produces are the dark ages, these are really lovely miniatures. I myself recently bought some of the range for a small dark age skirmish, which will become an article for Irregular Magazine issue 4. New for this range are the Goths, on the website is a photo of some of these guys painted, they look really great. Just the chaps to make the late Roman army tremble with fear.

“Brutal is a stand-alone board game that allows you to pit fighters against one another in an up close and personal combat system set in a post apocalyptic world. The system is primarily a duelling system although any amount of players can take part which makes it great for tournament play.”(Brutal Core Rules)

This looks like an interesting game, though it does seem at first to be very stat heavy, there are quite a few rules to get your head round, but once you’ve played a few games you soon start to pick things up. There are also a range of specially designed miniatures available from Dark Arts, which are very dark and menacing looking, ideal to fight and die in the brutal arena. The rules are currently available as free download from the Brutal website (click here).

It’s worth a look and the minis would look great as part of a Sci-fi army.

8. Osprey currently have on pre-order Lost Scrolls, a new supplement for Fields of Glory. This is the 13th and final companion for FOG, and this edition contains some of the armies requested by the FOG community. It also contains a mini theme campaign for  Etruscans, Samnites, Horatius at the bridge and all the armies and enemies of the early Roman Republic. Expect the same standard of quality you’ve seen in previous FOG books, with lavish illustrations and high quality detailed information. This will be on my new year wish list as well.

9. Victrix have recently released British Peninsular Infantry Flank Companies in 54mm scale. I like these a lot, not to game with but to paint, for £20 you get 16 multi part 1/32 or 54mm scale models, that can be converted quite easily. I’m not saying you can’t game with these guys because you can, though for myself, I would prefer to game with the 28mm versions, but as a model to paint, then these guys are great.

10. Empress miniatures produce a range of minis for the Zulu Wars, Spanish Civil war and Abyssinia. They produce some of if not the nicest sculpts of late Victorian colonial British, along with some very fine Zulu warriors. This is a very nice range, with a wide variety of troop choices for both the British and Zulu armies. There are also some free rule sets on the site, one of which has been designed to play A Very British Civil War with, entitled ‘And Was Jerusalem Builded Here?’ .


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