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Winter Basing, Painting Techniques and weathering

Well its that time of year, snow is falling, its cold and you suddenly want to make winter bases for your pending army. Well I decided to trawl the net looking for some of the best tutorials on painting winter bases, dioramas, NMM painting  and camoflague.

1. First up is an excellent tutorial on painting winter armour by misterfinn over on Brushthralls. This technique can be used on WW2, Great War and modern armour, as well as sci-fi. Here misterfinn is painting a warjack from Privateer Press.

War Jack in Winter Camoflague
War Jack in Winter Camoflague


 2. This snow base is  a very simple and effective solution by the painting dude. This technique could be used on a wide variety of base sizes including diorama.

 3. Terry Peterson on has a very simple and quick winter basing tutorial, which looks very effective.


 Terry Peterson’s Chicago GD Entry

4. Next up is a quick video by Meowmanersman, its very quick but worth a look.

5.  Next up are some videos that take a look at using pigments for armour.

6. Some painting Techniques;

Using a wash.

Non Metallic Metals;

Weathering Washes

7. This video is a basic basing video that shows some good soild techniques.

8. Finally two video from Hot Lead, the first is a basics video and shows some of the basic techniques, second shows some more advanced techniques.


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