A sculpt along-a great idea, so get involved.

Over on Griffon guides, the sculptor and demon winning painter James Griffin is running a cool concept called a sculpt along, he sculpts a mini and you follow his blog learning to sculpt your own. I think this is a great idea and will be following the project with an attempt at sculpting my own mini. I will keep updates on my own progress here.

Though everyone else should also try this, a great way to learn sculpting and working with green stuff.

Below is the text from Jame’s blog site explaining the project.

Hey, It’s a mere few days before the start of the new year, and more importantly the start of the Griffin Guides Sculpt Along! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then it’s not too late to get in on the action. You’ll find the preparation posts here, here, and here, and our private CMON forum here. Go on, this is only going to happen once, message me and pledge to do it, then go grab some putty! For those of you who are already in on our little project, we’ve got this great private forum on one of the coolest miniature websites in the world, so now you’ve had a think and come up with your concept, start yourself a ‘Work in Progress’ thread, or just introduce yourself and let us know what sculpt you will be working on. If we can nail the concept right at the beginning, then that’ll form the basis for a fantastic project. The countdown begins! See you in the new year!        James Griffin

Click here to view Griffon Guides

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2 Responses to A sculpt along-a great idea, so get involved.

  1. aah cool! just spotted this, thanks J 🙂 how are you getting on?

  2. warhammergrimace says:

    Not had a chance to get started yet, but I plan to sculpt a mini of Mutley, from Catch the Pidgeon as I’m painting an artizan mini that looks like Dasterdly. Once I start I plan to do a WIP on here.

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