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A Very British Civil War – Freebies

One of the games I play is an alternative history setting called A Very British Civil War, set in 1930’s Britian. The concept is that King Edward didn’t abdicate when he married ………, as a result sections of the goverment resigned in protest, which left a power vacum and allowed Mosley and the Facisits to take control. This in turn led to civil war as various factions around the  country took to arms in  protest.

Gathering Storm


 I’ve included here a list of free rules that could be used to play the game, as AVBCW is a source book, not arule book, the idea being is that you can play with what ever rules you are already comfortable with.

To Arms rule set

‘And Was Jerusalem Builded Here?’ British Civil War 1938

Final Round

There’s a war on, you know…”

A very British Civil war


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