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Offensive Miniatures Review – US Paratroopers WW2

US Paratroopers

The popularity of gaming during the Second World War has seen an explosion of miniatures, in a variety of scales, over the last couple of years. Offensive Miniatures have gone with the ever-popular scale of 28mm for their range of US Paratroopers.

US Paratrooper painted by me

The pack that landed on my desk was the Pathfinder team, which contained four figures. These included a radioman, a signaller, and a trooper “ferrying” in his parachute. I found these to be a highly detailed and well sculpted set of figures – I’ve come across other US Paratroopers by other manufacturers, but these stand out as some of the nicest sculpts. I had difficulty in finding mould lines on these figures – there are a few, but they are minimal.

 The only downside with them was that some of the weapons lacked the same degree of detail present in the rest of the figure. The figure I chose to paint first is just, well, cool. The rest of the pack are a good bunch, though the guy gathering in his chute shouted vignette more than he did gaming piece – he’s a nice model, but I can’t see a use for him on the gaming table. I do think he’d be a nice miniature to paint as part of a scene, with some trees behind him – a simple diorama of a scene from the TV series Band of Brothers, which I recommend to anyone planning to do an army of the 101st US Airborne or Screaming Eagles.

I would definitely recommend buying from this range if you plan to have US airborne troops in 28mm. Overall, these are exquisite Second World War miniatures, that I think are well worth checking out.


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