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Freebies- Ancient & Medieval Rules

Over the next week or so I’m going to list some of my favourite free wargame rules, starting with Ancient and Medieval Rules.

Impetvs– this is the basic set which is free to download from the main site. A good set of steady rules. Click here

Shieldwall – Shieldwall aims to recreate the atmosphere of Dark Age battles in the British Isles and Northern Europe. Click Here

Neolithic – These rules are designed to give a fast play, simple method of representing the extremely violent, quick skirmishes of Pre-historic man. Click Here

Aegir’s Fire– A excellent set of rules designed to allow players crew a longship and campaign on a long term basis. Click Here

My Kingdon for a Horse -These rules are for fighting small scale battles with men armed with swords, halberds,  bows etc. Click Here

Saxon Dogs – Skirmish gaming in the Dark Age period. Click Here

A Coat of Steel – This is one of the best free medieval rule sets out there, in my humble opinion. Designed for War of the Roses period in history, though could be adapted for any campaign set during this period. Click Here

Littel Wars – H.G Wells gaming system, a gem, that should be looked over by all gamers. Click Here


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