Why there has been no new posts

I haven’t posted for a while because of a couple of reasons that have taken me away from writing here. These were mainly moving house and having no internet access for 3 weeks.

Then I needed to catch up on some freelnace writing work which I had fallen behind on, and then lastly there was the new issue of Irregullar Magazine whcih had a release date over Easter.

I will be adding more content later this week, firstly there will reviews of Gripping Beasts new Plastic Vikings, the SAS figures from Empress Miniatures and Studio McVey’s Vitharr Bearclaw.

The last two weekends saw me at both Triples and Salute, which has meant a busy month, which hasn’t allowed time for writing or painting much.

Over the next few months I’ll be uploading images of my progress painting a Dark Age army for a 3 part article I’m producing for Irregular Magazine, which will include rules and guidelines for a Dark Age Campaign using the new Warhammer Ancient Battles book, which may I add is very nice. There will alsobe a review of the new rule book on here as well. I will also add some of my research notes, web links and book lists to accompany the article.

I will also be looking at Gulf War next month, looking at some of ways in which it could be replayed on the table top.

So over the next few weeks there will be plenty of new articles, pics and reviews.


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