Warhammer Ancient Battles 2nd ed

The new version of WAB is quite a step forward from the last version. For starters the book has gone from a paperback to hard cover, which is grerat as this should improve durability. When you open the book you will instantly be presented with glossy, full colour pages throughout, with a plethora of excellent artwork, comparable to Osprey, along with images of well painted miniatures.

The book is well laid out with the rules at the front of the book in order of game play, which makes searching for rules much easier, another aspect is that at the back of the book is a reference of the rules laid out in sections, with page numbers. All of the vital information required for gaming is in the reference section with page numbers for you instatly flick to the page to read the rule in greater depth.
There are indepth army list for Roman and Celtic armies, along with sample lists for a wide variety of armies, such as Danish Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Egyptians to name a few. On first glance, it looks like skirmishers rules have been improved to make them more efffective.

Some aspects in which I was a little disappointed with were no update/change on the Partian shot, the Roman list could have done with more changes, its very similar to the original list from WAB 1, essentially the auxillery infantry are still poor, considering that most of the fighting was done by the auxillery, they should be similar  or a lot closer in ability to the legions.

On the whole its a better book than previous versions, and is mcuh more user friendly especially for those new to WAB.

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  2. Cindy says:

    Great points! I will be checking back here often!

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