Historical RPG’s part 1

I’ve been a gamer for several years, well twenty and maybe a little bit more, but one area which I play a lot of is RPG. Most of the games and campaigns I role played in have been either fantasy or Sci-Fi based.

So I decided that I’d look around to see what is on offer togamers who want to play in historical game setting. My first port of call was to look for free rule systems, now there are plenty out there for the fantasy/Sci-Fi gamer, are there any for those of us who want a more historical bent to our game play. The answer is yes, I didn’t come across many free rpg’s that fell into this category but here are a few.

Warlords of Alexandria
A complete Classical Greek supplement for any of Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying Games,   Alexander is dead, and his generals fight over the empire. A world of hoplites, mercenaries, philosophers and soothsayers.

Warlords of Alexandria Character Sheet
The Warlords of Alexandria Character Sheet.

Chronicles of Babel
A system that uses the drawing of stones as a task resolution system. Intended to add flavour to the setting: roleplaying in the First City amid a mythical and magical world reeling from its own Creation by the Babylonian gods. Roleplaying at the very start of history.

Select a Tribal Totem, Explore an Ice Age Wilderness, Master Tribal Magics, Wander Two Worlds – the Spirit and the Earthly – Simultaneously, Fight Exiles, Ogres and Elementals, Quest For Artefacts of Power For Your Tribe. Ice Age roleplaying. A fantasy game that puts players into the roles of Ice Age hunters in Europe. Survive. Compete with other tribes and clans. Battle spirits and elementals. Chill out!

An epic fantasy RPG set amidst the chaos and anarchy of the late Roman Empire. It uses a simple 2d6 mechanic, and is overflowing with detail and ideas for campaigns and scenarios.

There are also plenty of campaign books set in historical periods for the D20 system.

Avalanche Press publish a range of D20 supplements set in a variety of historical settings.

Celtic Age Everything needed to build a campaign setting or add the trapping of the Celtic world to a pre existing campaign.

Little People. Covers all the famous fairies and categories of them, plus includes rules to construct your own Celtic fairy.

They also published a whole range of historical products which are no longer in print, which included Viking period publications, Aztecs – Empire of the dying sun, Endless sand -Araibian Adventures, Mordred- Fall and rise of Camelot, Jade and Steel – Mythic China, Nile Empire, Vlad the Impaler, Black Flags (pirates) and Noble Knights. For any of these items you’ll have to scour site like Amazon and eBay or keep an eye out in 2nd book shops.

Though they are still available as PDF documents from DriveThruRPG.com Some as little as $3

Green Ronin Publishing produce a number of titles under the 3rd Era label, this is basically the old D20 label.

Eternal Rome Covering the the breadth of Roman history, from the founding of the great city itself tothe final barbarian incursions, Eternal Rome gives you everything you need to explore this fantastic era.

Testament: Role playing in the Biblical Era: The world of the Bible comes to life in this campaign setting for 3rd Era games.

Skull and Bones: Yes, its pirates, your chance to swash buckle your way across the high seas as a dastardly pirate.

Trojan War: Trojan War will give you everything to bring the world of the Ancient Greeks to life.

Damnation Decade: Set in the 70’s, yep the seventies, the chance to relive fashion disasters such as flared trousers, possibilities are endless, plus you can play with a cool soundtrack running in the background. Though this setting is an alternate version of the 70’s, where the worst-case predictions of a paranoid era came true. The world’s environment is collapsing, the oil is running out, and mysterious powers are asserting themselves: The skies are black with UFOs, huge-footed horrors haunt the forests, and prehistoric beasts lurk at the bottom of every lake.

Savage Worlds RPG offers a range of possibilities especially for anyone who wants to game in the 1930’s with a pulp flavor, they also offer a pirate setting.

Thrilling Tales is a supplement for Savage worlds published by Adamant Entertainment. Thrilling Tales unleashes the pulse-pounding excitement of the pulp magazines and cliffhanger serials of the 1930s and 40s

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