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Peasants – Game Zone Miniatures Review

I’ve gotten my hands on two blisters from the Game zone range of fantasy miniatures. These guys are peasants, and would be excellent for both historical and fantasy armies. The blisters contain three miniatures each , which are extremely well sculpted. There were some mould lines, but no more than any other miniature.
Peasants and Bowmen
What’s great about these minis are the character of each individual figure, they all have a very unique persona. Considering these guys are just peasants, there is a real sense of life in each of them, a potential story behind each individual.
Peasant painted by me
My biggest gripe with these figures are the bases. They are clear plastic and quite small, the miniature will need to be pinned and glued to the base. The bases are too thing for this, so they will building up with either putty or a product such as basetex.
I enjoyed working with these models, and intend to use them within a  medieval army. If you can get your hands on some them, then do so. Other notable figures in the range are the mounted knights. I’d definitely recommend these miniatures as whole, though I have been told some mounted figures especially from the Orc and Dark Elf range will require a lot of putty work.
As I’ve never built and painted one of these I can’t really comment myself.
Another Peasant painted by me


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