Painting Camouflage

Regardless of weather we play historical or Sci-Fi at some point we’ll need to paint camouflage on our armoured vehicles or infantry. Getting it to look right is half the battle, so I surfed the web looking for decent tutorials to help everyone and myself just do that, getting it right.
First of all we’ll take a look at painting infantry and I’ve found several tutorials for painting camo at different scales.
First of all is a simple guide to painting; WWII German Sturmpionier in 1/72 scale. This is a great little tutorial, highly detailed with clear precise images.

German Infantry 1/72

Flames of War has become one the gaming industries big successes and has introduced a whole new generation into historical gaming from the Fantasy/Sci-Fi world, personally I think the idea of being able to field entire Tank regiments is the big appeal. This tutorial guides the painter with step by step images and appropriate text in painting Pea Dot Camouflage, definitely worth checking out, even if you don’t game with 15mm, the same techniques could be applied to smaller and larger scales.
Pea Dot


The next two tutorials are very simple step by step guides on painting camo with 28mm scale minis. The minis used in both tutorials are GW’s plastic imperial Guard,, but the camo patterns described in the tutorial could easily be applied to WW2 through to Modern military.

Green Camo

This is a great step by step painting modern US desert camo, the detail in which the author goes into is excellent and the images are superb, a great tutorial.

US Infantry

Tank Armour

This is always a tricky one, because getting it right can be difficult. Well I’ve found a few articles that will help your painting along.
From the same website as the German 1/72, there is a selection of good  tutorials regarding vehicles, also in the same scale as the infantry. There is only one that looks at painting, as the others concern converting, which are well worth a scan. The painting article show you how to paint a German Sturmgeschütz 40 Ausf. G, this is a nice well written tutorial.

German Tank

Painting 15mm Tanks with washes, yep, I did say washes. This tutorial shows you how to paint tanks using washes to great effect. For those players who game with Flames of War, the official website hosts a plethora of articles centred on the painting and construction side of the hobby.

British Tank (FoW)

Here is some useful finishing techniques, a short but very good video.
Finally I’ve included this little video by Trapper Dan on how he paints camo, using branches, leaves and spray paint. He starts with a black undercoat, I’d personally go with a grey. He demonstrates this on a bar -b-que, but the same could be done on 1/56 (28mm), 1/48 and 1/35 scale tanks.
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