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Cold City & Hot War RPG

If you like alternative history, then these two RPG’s from a UK-based company are absolute gems and well worth checking out. Cold City is set in a post WW2 Berlin, you play an agent hunting down horrors in the ruins of the war devastated city. During the war the German military machine experimented on people and tampered with the occult creating unseen horrors and eldritch creatures. Your job is to hunt them down without the public becoming aware of the horrors.

At the same time there is tension between the occupying allied armies as the cold war grows, paranoia, death awaiting in the back streets and unimaginable horror among the ruins make for a very dark and atmospheric RPG.

Hot war is another horror based alternative setting, though this time the action takes place in 1960’s Britain, but this isn’t the swinging 60’s of our history. The cold war turned in to a global atomic apocalypse, and the horrors that were discovered at the end of WW2 were also used.

Set in the aftermath of this horror, survivors struggle to stay alive. The population has been drastically reduced and food is scarce, rationing is back and draconian measures have been put in place by the government.

Players will be hunting down monsters, crazed power mad scientists, terrorists, traitors, and all sorts of other enemies.

Both of these games are fueled by horror and the quest to hunt them down, what makes these two games is that they’re not just some zombie killing fest clones. There is a lot more depth to these two gems, both are worth checking out and currently the PDF’s are reasonably priced.

definitely worth checking out.


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