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Euro Militaire 2010

Euro Militaire is a two day show aimed at modelers, is hosts one of the largest miniature painting contests in the country and attracts entrants from all over the UK and Europe. This year saw a jaw dropping 1000 + entrants to the competition.

This year was the first time I visited Euro Militaire and so I was quite excited about the prospect of attending. I even went as far as to paint a 54mm for the painting competition. As I live in Sheffield it was quite a long journey down, which was uneventful, the usual delays on the M25 etc. So we finally arrived in Folkstone and at the show, having found a parking space we headed over to and in our entries.

The show wasn’t as big as I expected, for some reason I assumed that this would be as big as Salute, there were quite a few traders, but to be honest no more than at a local show. Now the traders that attend Euro don’t generally attend other shows in the UK. The like of Pegaso and Andrea just don’t come over to the UK for any old show, which is a big bonus for attending if the minis produced by these guys float your boat. For me they just don’t, don’t get me wrong they’re exceptionally nice figures, but at 54mm they have no use, I can’t game with them.I do purchase the odd 54, but not very often and I’d already picked up a couple of 54’s earlier in the year to paint over Winter.

So the trade side of the show had little attraction for, and this showed in the amount I spent there, under £30, which included two Osprey books on the Late Roman Army. Most of the books on sale at the show, were either WW2 or the subject content was tank, plane or some other wheeled vehicle.

The highlight of the show is the painting comp, the standard on display is breath taking, and with over 1000 entries this year there was plenty of eye candy to look at. I was drawn to the historical section, and in particular the armoured vehicles, there were some impressive pieces, which has prompted me to paint some armour over the next few months.

Overall I would say that this isn’t the type of show I’d go to normally, and probably wouldn’t go out of my way to attend again. It just wasn’t worth the cost of the ticket, travel and accommodation costs either. Personally I prefer to attend the South Cheshire Militaire Show, which is a lot closer to home. The painting comp is the only redeeming feature of this show, and is well worth a one day visit to view the inspiring work on display, but two days is just one day too much for me.


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