28mm El Cid Range

These test sprues landed on my desk from HaT  Productions from their 28mm range. These were forthcoming releases from the El Cid range of miniatures which included the following;

28018    28mm Andalusian Light Cavalry
28019    28mm Andalusian Heavy Cavalry
28020    28mm Almoravid Light Cavalry
28021    28mm Almoravid Heavy Cavalry


This isn’t normally a period I play or research or know much about beyond the Charlton Heston movie El Cid, so when I picked these up I was slightly intrigued.

As these are test shots I suspect that there will be changes made before the final run. HaT have already informed me that some will need more detailing before the final run.

The first thing that jumped out at me from the sprues initially was the horses. These are really nice, with excellent detailing and are well proportioned. I also liked the poses the horses are sculpted into as well.

The riders have a good combination of differing types, which will give any unit a more individual look and feel. This is something I prefer, rather than a unit of troops who all look exactly the same. This is one of the reasons that these appeal to me – I rather like them, and though I don’t game in the El Cid campaign, I could use them as Arabic warriors for early crusade gaming.

28mm Andalusian Heavy Cavalry

An aspect I did notice with these miniatures is the minimal amount of mold lines, and those that do exist are easily removed. The one thing I didn’t like were the spears that are connected to the rider, mainly because the spears are quite fragile. I prefer to use metal spears with my cavalry. This isn’t a major issue as it would be quite easy to remove the spears, drill out the hands and replace them with metal counterparts.

In regards to their scale, which is said to be 28mm, these are smaller in comparison to other manufacturers, which in itself isn’t an issue which is something to consider if you’re going to purchase other manufacturers ranges to go alongside these.

Overall I really liked these miniatures and look forward to painting some of them.

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