A Very British Civil War -New Factions for Cornwall

New Factions for Cornwall

A selection of new factions for a Very British Civil War.

Redruth Redshirts (Socialists Brigade)

This  faction has backing from Russia, as a result they have been able to equip themselves very quickly with modern weapons and equipment. Thier uniform is brown, with a red shirt/jacket, hence the name Redshirts. They have suddenly become a potent force within the South West, which is troubling the Kernow faction and the Royalists in Cornwall.

They have developed links in South Wales and further north, it is believed by Royalist agents that members from the Free Liverpool state are training them in urban warfare, along with two former Russian officers. They have also built a smuggling operation between Redruth and Ireland.

So far they have set up operations in Redruth, taking control of the town, and have implemented defences. They also send out patrols on a regular basis in the countryside around Redruth, clashing in small skirmishes with Royalist and BUF supporters.

Cornish Freedom and Liberty League

This is a small independent faction, that was unknown to any side in the Cornish region until the Battle of Stratton. What is now known about the group is that they have a fanatical belief in an Independent Socialist Cornwall. The group carries out acts of terror against anyone who doesn’t believe in a socialist Cornwall. They had secretly been planning on a region-wide campaign of terror against both the BUF and Kernow factions. For months they have gathered intelligence, weapons and explosives – most of which have been stolen from local mining companies. They have established terror cells in most major towns and cities in both Cornwall and Devon, linking with socialist groups in neighbouring counties.

Mercenary Units in Cornwall

Celtic International Brigade

The CIB is made up of foreign nationals who are descended from Celtic stock, such as Cornish, Welsh, Irish and Scottish. The brigade is led by an American, Troy Castine, who is of Cornish descent. His family emigrated to Texas, making their fortune in oil. Troy left the family business to seek adventure and fortune. He has been a mercenary for several years fighting in Africa and Europe. With the use of his family money he funds the CIB with weapons and some equipment.

Most of the members are equipped with modern rifles, shotguns, an assortment of hand guns and Thompson submachine guns. He has also purchased some Lewis guns as well as several BARs. Most members hail from the US, but Canada, Australia and parts of Africa are also represented. All of the men are veterans; either from the Spanish Civil war, or various small conflicts in Africa and South America.

Troy’s aim is to set up additional brigades in Ireland, Wales and Scotland all fighting on the side of nationalism. He firmly believes in republicanism, as well as fame, women and fortune. He is often seen with a female companion even in battle and has a select bodyguard of between four and six dangerous women.

Marrack’s Marauders

Daniel Marrack is self-styled mercenary who served as an officer with the US military in WW1. His grandparents are of Cornish descent, and he is an adamant and loyal believer in Cornish Independence.

The Marauders are all American, though not necessarily of Cornish heritage. Most will follow Marrack into hell, and have served with him in various wars and conflicts for several years. His second in command, Joshua Hammond, has served with him since the days of WW1.

They are styled on the modern US military and are armed with Springfield rifles, along with Thompson’s.  Their uniform is similar to the US Army; in fact it is an US uniform, having been “liberated” from US national guard stores.

The Marauders act as a reconnaissance unit, and will operate behind enemy lines. This is mainly so they can loot and fight without any interference. Though Marrack is dedicated to Cornish independence he also has his own self-interest at heart as well. The Marauders have, on occasion, robbed banks whilst behind enemy lines, making sure that it looks like royalist’s have committed the robbery.


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