Warlord 28mm Plastic Late War German Infantry

Another sprue arrived, though this time they were from Warlord, and fairly modern, being WW2 Late German Infantry. These are the first plastic World War Two miniatures available to my knowledge in 28mm, not only from Warlord but in general.

I like plastic models, due to the amount of customisation you can do, and the flexibility it allows you in constructing a unit. The sprues have enough heads and equipment to allow you to build an uniquely different miniature each time. The choice of weapons is really good, everything from a pistol, through to MP40 SMGs and a MG42.

Warlord German Plastic Sprue

The models are well sculpted, and the cast is exceptional as I would expect from Warlord – these guys excel at producing high quality, cheap plastic miniatures. There was very little in the way of mold lines, and the one I did find were very easy to remove. I also realised that these guys could be easily customised into modern/sci-fi miniatures if you used parts from other manufacturers.

Each box contains enough parts to make 25 multi part plastic miniatures, and I found them very easy and quick to build, which is great. The detail on these guys is really high, which will make painting them very painless.

Weapon Sprue for Warlord Germans

For anyone who games in the period of World War Two I would definitely recommend picking a box or two up and adding to your army. If you’re thinking of starting a WW2 army then these are the perfect choice.

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