2011 and the Year ahead.

So a new year has rolled in and 2011 looks to be an interesting year. We have a VAT rise, going up to 20% here in the UK, how this will affect the hobby remains to be seen. GW has started the year with a law suit against a small company called Chapterhouse, which may have some interesting results for the hobby if this goes in favour of Chapterhouse. So what is in store for the hobby in 2011.

There are some new gems to look forward on the historical side of things, such as the new Ancients rules (Hail Caesar) by Warlord and written by Rick Priestly. I suspect there’s going to be more plastics, from a range of historical producers. Plastic soldier company will be releasing British and German Infantry early 2011, possibly end of January.

German Infantry Boxart

Irregular Magazine will be publishing campaign supplements, starting with a Pathfinder campaign setting written by Taylor Holloway and the Dresden setting supplement that Nick Johnson is currently putting together. The first show Sheffield Irregulars will be at is Hammerhead in Newark, we will only be attending locally based shows this year. At Newark we will be doing basing demos, which will include urban, flora and gore, along with one or two new ones.I will be at Salute this year, on the Very British Civil War participation/demo table, this is a first for me, as I’ve only attended shows as either a punter or as member of the Sheffield Irregulars.

I hope to run a Roman RPG campaign during the course of 2011, currently I’m GMing an old school D&D campaign, which is quite fun. One of my plans for this year is to try to convert Omnihedron Games, Duty and Honour RPG system to either Imperial Rome or Late Roman Europe, which will probably be the system I used to GM with.

What’s going to happen on the blog, well for starters a lot more articles, I’ve been slack in regards to written content since around September of last year. There will be a lot more articles on historical events and places. I’m currently in the process of writing a campaign for A Very British Civil War, set in Redruth and Camborne based around Socialist factions.

I have a personnel  challenge of painting as much of my grey army as possible in 2011 up to October when I turn 40, and I’m not allowed to purchase anything either. So since October 2010 I’ve been on a miniature buying ban whilst I paint everything I have or try to paint everything.

What am I interstested in seeing this year well for starters the rule set from Warlord, along with any plastic releases from them, along with the new Mercanries from Perry’s WoTR range. I’m also looking forward to the new releases from Plastic Soldier Company, will be intrigued to see the plastic 15mm tanks they are going to be releasing this year.

OGL Ancients Cover

On the RPG front I’m quite keen to get a look at War of the Dead by Daring Entertainment, especially after watching the Walking Dead TV series. I’m also hoping to get a look at OGL Ancients by Mongoose, its set before the rise of the Romans, focusing on Egyptians and the Greeks, which should make for a very good RPG. OGL Ancients is an old RPG setting, its been out for a while and as far as I’m aware its now only avaliable in PDF format, but I plan to take a close look at it this year. I’m also going to be taking a peek at Clockwork and Chivalry, a alternative history set during the English Civil War for Runequest.

Well that’s all for now, cheers and have a great New Year.

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