New Channel 4 Roman TV series

I’ve always been interested in everything Roman, including both military and social history. So when channel 4 announce a new TV series, looking the building of a Roman villa by four modern builders using traditional methods then I’m hooked before it starts.

A six part series will start on Thursday 20th January at 9pm. The villa these build will be open to the public from February on the site of Wroxeter, near Shrewsbury. Wroxeter started life as legionary base before developing into one of the main cities in Roman Britain. Today on the site are the remain of the baths, plus a visitor centre displaying some of the finds made by archaeologists over the years. The villa will add an additional experience that will be valuable to all those interested in that period of the UK’s history.

Villa being constructed (copyright English Heritage)

The villa is inspired by one which was excavated on the site, and the hope of this project is to shed some additional information on how Romans built and constructed buildings.

Finished Villa (copyright English Heritage)

This should be a fascinating 6 part series, that will be of interest to a wide audience.


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