Irregular Magazine Issue 8 is avaliable

This issue our theme is Beasts, and our themed content includes: Palm Crossing – Rural Encounters for Traveller RPG; several hobby tutorials including painting Alien Skin, Grudgeball (Fantasy Football rules), David Kay takes a look at the Beasts of Middle Earth, plus we have an interview with D&D legend Rodney Thompson from Wizards of the Coast.



* Beast Mounts (D&D 4th ed)
* Palm Crossing – Rural Encounters (Traveller RPG)
* On a Wing and a Prayer


* Grudgeball
* Battle for Farnham 894 AD
* Battle for Worksop 1460


* Basic Colour Theory
* Orcnar Uman Step by Step
* Painting Non Human Skin
* Friendly Plastic

* Artist Showcase: Diego Gisbert Llorens
* Interview with Rodney Thompson

We also have another episode of Tuk Tuk by will Kirkby, plus  a mammoth story by Taylor Holloway. Along with reviews of products currently available to buy.

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