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Irregular Magazine Issue 10

Issue 10 is now available, and this issue looks at the concept of an Apocalypse. We have an action packed issue, with plenty of articles.

Issue 10 Cover Art

In our tutorial section we have a guide to painting a space ship from the Firestorm Armada range from Alex Garbett. In RPG we take a look at the current possible apocalyptic scenarios. The community section is packed with an abundance of great articles, including a showcase with the cover artist of issue 9, David North, as well as a report on IMP 2011 show. Nick Johnson looks at building a theme deck for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG and Dave Barker looks back at the Fighting Fantasy books with fond memories of playing them. We also have another great short story from Taylor Holloway, plus plenty of more great reviews, more Tuk Tuk from Will Kirkby, news and much much more.

Starting this issue is a new painting challenge – each issue we will run a miniature painting challenge in conjunction with Sheffield Irregulars. The challenge will based on the theme of the magazine, and the results will be published in the following issue. The winner will receive a prize each time. More details can be found inside the current issue.


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