Cheap Wargame Miniatures

Its been a while since my last post, its been a busy time and my other blog has also suffered from a lack of articles. So apologies aside what am I looking at today, well trying to game on a budget I find that you generally come unstuck when you involve miniatures, you could always use paper/card minis, which are free from But if you’re anything like me then you prefer using something that requires a lick of paint on them.

So how do we build a cheap army, well the obvious choice is to go tiny, and I mean tiny, such as 6mm, but I find this scale a little too small, and it can still work out reasonably pricey, especially if you go towards the better end of the 6mm market. I mean just because I want to game on the cheap shouldn’t mean I buy a unrecoognisable lump of lead, that’s supposed to be a medieval knight, but looks like a snot drop from a metal elemental.

So what’s the alternative? 1/72 plastic scale is the answer, its cheap you get quite a lot in a box. For instance I bought some Greek Hoplites a couple of month back before my mini ban for £4 , which contained 60 figures, which I plan to build into three units of 20. Which in my humble opinion is rather cheap, the only problem with the 1/72 scale or 20mm is that some of the producers of this range are, well to be honest crap quality. Though there are some excellent producers, with some finely sculpted minis.

The Plastic Soldier Review site ( is a great place to check out the quality of the sculpts. Most manufacturers are included on the site with macro images of the minis, this gives a good indication of which ones are worth investing in. Personally I prefer the following ranges; Hat, Caesar Miniatures and Zvezda. There are some others of excellent quality.

So how cheap is it to purchase an army, well I have 300 Spartans, which cost me less than £30, in WAB terms this is around 1500-2000 points, give or take a few pts. Which is a really cheap way of buying an army, in 28mm a 2000 pts is going to cost you quite a significant amount of cash.

Well I hope that was helpful to all of you out there that are trying to game on a budget.

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