Can I start an army for under £150


One of the constant complaints I hear from gamers are the rising cost of gaming. Especially by those who want to start a new army for a system they already play or getting into a new game. Most say the high start up costs put them off. So I decided how cheaply can I start a new army for a system I don’t play.

I started to look around at the different systems out there. I initially started to look at historical, but I realise that I have quite a few armies for several periods already and have started a couple of new ones. So I decided to look at the fantasy and science fiction genres. This led to look back at my childhood game of choice, Warhammer by Games Workshop. You only have to check out the forums for this system to see the mass of complaints about the costs for this particular game to know its expensive. Having not played Warhammer or 40K in a number of years I decided to check out the website and the prices. Yes, they are really high, in fact I would go as far to say its probably the most expensive game to buy an army for.


This then confirmed my choice of game system to build an army for. The next question was which army, this turned out to be pretty easy. I decided on High Elves mainly because I’ve never painted a GW elf before, so this would be an interesting challenge for me.

So what are the rules for this challenge, well NO;1 is basically I only have £150 to build a competitive 1500-2000 pt High Elf army. I then have to paint it all in a period of 6 months. The next rule is it has to be bought 2nd hand from either Ebay, buying from friends or via swaps. I have to paint the items I’ve bought before making the next purchase. I also have to obtain a copy of the High Elf army list and the system rule book. Now this doesn’t need to be the latest edition of the rules, but what ever edition of the rules I decide to purchase. Then the army book has to be also from that edition.


I will blog my progress as I go, and when I purchase an item I will include the price I paid and how much it would have cost me at full retail price. So I have 6 months to complete this challenge and that includes having it fully painted. The aim is to show how cheap you can enter the wargaming hobby, and I intend to show this by building a GW army which most gamers would say is the most expensive game to start playing.

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