An Army for under £150 (Part 2)


So having decided to build and paint a Warhammer Fantasy Army, I decided to do High Elves. My first port of call was to head over to EBay and try my luck on some bargains. To be honest I was surprised how cheap some of the listings are.

I placed some bids on several items, hoping that I’d win at least one of them. I selected a random choice of units to bid on. These included a chariot, spearmen unit, Swordsman of Hoeth and a Lord on a Griffith, from the recent starter set. I also decided to search through the listing for starter sets as well, as I realised that if I could get a copy of the recent starter set or a copy of the 4th edition starter I’d get a reasonable amount of troops on my first purchase. The current starter sets at retail are around the £70 which is not a bad price, but I wanted to go better than that. To be honest at the time of bidding there was a both a recent set and a 4th edition, but alas I didn’t win either.



So what was my first purchase, well I managed to win two of the items I was bidding on. The first were the Swordsmen of Hoeth, 15 metal individuals already undercoated. These cam in at a price of £5.75, which was a massive bargain, especially when you consider that at retail 15 would have cost me £61.50. So a huge saving of £55.75.

The second item was the Lord on the Griffith , which cost me £3.50. As this came from the starter set I’m not sure how much it would cost retail but I’m guessing that if this was sold individually by GW would come in at around £20 retail. So if I work on that basis I save £16.50. So those two items have already saved me £72.25, already its proving to be an excellent way to purchase a new army through eBay.


So I’ve now started painting the Swordsmen of Hoeth, I’m going with a bronze look to the armour. I don’t really want a bright shiny army, but more a battle hardened one, that’s been campaigning in the field for some time. So the aim with be to make it look like they’ve been on campaign for some time. I’ve never liked my armies to look like they’ve just walked on the parade ground, or are more suited to being palace guards. I like them to look a little rough and dirty.


In regards to which edition I’m going to use I’m currently contemplating 3rd edition of Warhammer. Though this will mean trying to get my hands on a copy of the Warhammer Armies book, as individual army books weren’t produced until 4th edition was published. If this becomes a sticking point then I may look at a later edition.


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  1. Great stuff, this is a fascinating part of the hobby

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