An Army for under £150 (Part 3)

Its been a while since I’ve done an update on this project, due to real life stuff. So where am I on the project?

Since the last post I’ve managed to paint and complete two units, the swordsmen of Hoeth and a unit of Seaguard. I’ve also managed to purchase enough minis for a 1200 point army, plus the current rule book and the High Army book all for under £40. Which is a lot cheaper than I originally expected.

This just goes to show that if you shop around on sites like E-bay is fairly easy to obtain an army at a very reasonable price. My plan going into 2015 is to replicate this process with an army for Bolt Action. War gaming doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby, there are ways to build an army relatively cheaply, it may mean that you don’t have the latest shiny models that have just been released, but you will have an army that you can game with. Which at the end of the day that’s what counts.

So as I’ve not been able to paint all of the units for this challenge so far, that will be the next phase I’ll need to complete. Some of the units I purchased had already been painted, but luckily these were just simple base coats. So I decided I could repaint them without having to strip them right back.

In the last post I was contemplating using 3rd edition rules, which I have and really like, but I managed to bag myself a copy of the current rule book for £4.65, which was a massive saving £40.35. Personally I think I got very lucky on that front, as the High Elf army book cost me nearly a tenner. I also managed to purchase a few units for £8.50 which included another units of Swordsmen, two units of Sea guard and a unit of Ellyrian Reavers, along with a High Elf Prince and two mages. I’ve also managed to acquire three champions as well. The Swordsmen alone would have cost me £40, The mages £18, the three champions would have totalled in at £25.90, the Sea Guard would have been £20.50 which would have been a grand total of £104.40, giving me a saving of £95.90. When you start seeing the numbers you suddenly realise that purchasing 2nd hand is definitely the way to go. The saving are quite significant, I also recently purchased a copy of the British Army rule book for Bolt Action for £7.50 in mint condition, which was basically half price. So if starting a new system is cost I’d suggest setting yourself a budget and buy 2nd hand, either online on sites such as e-bay or in the bring and buy at gaming shows.


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