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Miniature Board Game Painting Challenge


 If like me you not only play table top war-games but board games as well. You probably have one or two miniature board games in your collection. Well, I have several, and I’m one of those gamers who prefers his miniatures to be painted. So for the next twelve months I plan to paint all of the miniatures in each and every one of my board games.

Currently that list is as follows

D&D; Wrath of Ansalon

D&D; Legend of Drizzit

Last Night on Earth; Timber Peak

Sedition Wars

City of Thieves

12 Kingdoms

Confrontation; Hybrid

Confrontation; Nemesis

Battlelore 2nd Edition

The following are on my list to purchase;

Blood Bowl

Guild Ball


Recently Added

Battlelore 1st Edition

Dragon Tides (Bruce Lee)

This purchase list may change over the course of the 12 months, but rather than lose some off the list it’ll gain more games.

I’ve looked at different styles of painting the miniatures, even considered Warren’s idea (Beasts of War) of Cell Shading Method and replacing the bases with clear acrylic. The problem for me is that this style doesn’t really do the miniatures justice, yes they stand out on the board more but they just don’t jump up and pop from the board for my liking. So I’m considering a simple table top standard paint scheme, something similar to the style used by Kev Dallimore. A simple and relatively quick paint scheme to implement but at the same time really making the minis stand out on the board. Though on the games that have character playing pieces I plan to go slightly better than table top, just to make those miniatures stand apart from the monster playing pieces. Likewise any boss villains will also be given a slightly higher paint scheme, so that they also stand out from their minions.

One the games I’ve recently added to my list is Mantic’s The Walking Dead; All Out War, and I started painting the character miniatures immediately. The miniatures are one piece hard plastic, which makes them really easy to paint. The So far I’ve managed to paint the base colours, but the plan to add shade and highlights at a later stage. My problem is new shiny syndrome, so I can start something and get easily distracted which means it takes a while for me to finish my miniatures to the level I’m happy with. This is the reason why the Napoleonic miniatures are taking so long to finish.

1/72 Napoleonic Update

I’ve started painting the British infantry, and I began with some of the riflemen. I decided on a paint scheme for the 95th Rifles and will also paint up a unit of 5/60th American Rifles as well. I liked the idea of having units of both rifle regiments. I did find that going back to 1/72 scale after spending years painting 28mm a little tricky and that they have a number of different issues in regards to painting them. One of those issues was paint chipping, so I used a method of painting that utilised Army Painter Dip.

The next unit of miniatures I decided to tackle was the French Artillery. Being an ex-gunner in the British Army, I’ve always had a soft spot for cannons. So I decided to place each gun and crew on a relatively large base, and make a feature of each artillery piece. The aim was to make each gun and crew look more diorama than just based for war-gaming.

On the rules front I’ve finally opted for the new set of Napoleonic Skirmish rules by Osprey; Chosen Man.


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