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The Walking Dead; All Out War Review

Well another Zombie themed table top game has hit the market. Though this one is based on the Walking Dead comics IP, which in turn is the IP used for the popular TV show of the same name. Which means most people will recognise most of the characters and features of the game from either the comic books or TV show which is currently in its 7th series. As the game is based on the comic book IP, the characters resemble the comic versions rather than the TV actors.

So how does this differ from any of the other zombie games on the market. If we look at the biggest zombie board game, Zombicide, the main difference is that Zombicide is a co-operative board game, where as Walking Dead is a skirmish battle game, and rather than control one character like in Zombicide you control a small group of survivors.

So the base game has arrived on my desk, inside are 12 zombies, Rick and Karl along with 3 other survivors. These are hard plastic models, no glue or building is required to assemble them. Which means you can use them straight from the box. The miniatures are great quality, nicely sculpted and full of crisp detail. Those hobbyists who paint, will definitely want to slap some paint on these, something which I immediately did.

One of the mechanics I really liked about this game was the noise rule. If you run you make noise, if you fire a weapon, you create noise all of which will attract zombies within 10 inches of your model. This means you need to be more tactical about moving characters around and discharging of any guns.

As part of the contents there are a number of cardboard counters provided to help you get started in regards to terrain. The only draw back is the paper playing mat, I’d personally prefer a sturdy mat either in card or neoprene. The rules are easy to learn and play, plus there are a plethora of videos on-line describing how to play the game. This makes learning the basic rules very easy. There is also a scenario booklet that allows to you learn rules by introducing new rules with each scenario.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan of either the comics or TV show then this is definitely a game you should pick up and add to your collection. I’ve played several other Zombie themed table top games and whilst they were fun to play, they aren’t Walking Dead. This is my preferred undead game. Next issue I’ll be looking at creating new characters from existing miniatures in your collection.


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