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Building a Man Cave

Man Cave

So I recently moved house, all the way from down south in Bath upto Sunny Sheffield in Yorkshire. This also meant we were able to purchase a much larger property, and I finally get a room to myself, a man cave, or as the other half refers to it the JUNK ROOM.

The room need to be redecorated as it was in quite a state, wall paper needed to be stripped off the walls before I could give it a lick of paint.

The walls also required sanding prior to any paint being slapped on them. This in turn created a ton of dust which was a real pain to clean up afterwards before painting. As you can see from the pic below I was slightly cover in dust….lol

Once this was done the next step was to get some paint on the walls. I decided on plain white as I was hoped this would allow light to bounce around the room and make it much brighter. The wall required several coats in the end mainly to cover up the years of staining on the walls. I also had to fit a new radiator in this room as the previous one leaked, and parts were rusted through.

Walls after wallpaper stripped, with old radiator
New Radiator waiting to be fitted

So the next stage was to get some furniture in the room, namely the painting desk. I decided not to remove the built in wardrobe as this would be useful as a storage cupboard, plus the small desk next to it would be ideal for the laptop.

 S with the desk in all I needed to do was to start bringing all my gaming/hobby items up from the garage and setting up the room how I wanted it. This included all my old re-enactment weapons, which have been in storage in previous properties due to simply not having anywhere to put them.

Boxes shifted up from the garage
Cupboard being made use of

Now I had my own space to work in, it also meant I could finally hang some of the art work I have from Irregular Magazine, which included some TUK TUK artwork by Wil Kirby.

Some of the artwork to go on the wall

So things started to take shape, I was finally getting a man cave. For the last 3 years I’ve not had any real space to paint or work in general. Which has meant getting hobby stuff done has been virtually impossible, even finding time to write blog posts has been a nightmare. So getting this room to work in has been great.

Slowly taking shape
I’m finally getting there.

One of the last things I needed to do was replace the shelves that I’d taken down to paint the walls. I planned to display some of my painted goodies on the shelves.

Almost done, just need the shelves to be put up

Since finishing the room I’ve managed to get quite a few bits and pieces painted, as well as write a few more blog posts. I think I’ve done more in the last week.or so than I’ve managed in the last 18-24 months.

Far Corner
Finished shelves
New Radiator
Finished Computer Corner
Finished Painting Area


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