Musket. Sword and Paint is a site dedicated to history, wargaming and painting. This site will offer articles and links on military history, social history,  gaming and painting miniatures.

About Me (Jason Hubbard)

I’ve been a gamer for nearly 30 years, playing a variety of games, but have always come back to historical, due to my interest in history and archaeology. In 2009 I set up an on-line magazine, called Irregular, which I co-edited with a friend (Nick) until 2011, as well as design the layout. I’m now sole Editor on the magazine and work closely with Alex Garbett to produce the mag. I’ve also became a contributor for the wargame background for A Very British Civil War, creating the initial background for Devon and Cornwall, as well as Singapore.

ECW Pikeman

I have a deep interest in the Sub Roman period of history, which is commonly known as the Dark Ages. Along with interests in Medieval combat and warfare, the Interwar period 1919-1938 and the Napoleonic Period though mostly the peninsular campaign.

My aim with this site is to aid my writing skills and provide a resource for gamers and those who have an interest in history. I intend to write a variety of articles on social and military history, as well as articles concerning gaming.

Since 2013 I’ve been adding non historical articles on here, though the bulk of the material will be historical. This is because my interests in non historical gaming have grown with the release of some great fantasy and Sci-Fi games. I’ve also moved my painting up-dates and articles to this site, having closed down my painting blog. I find it easier to keep everything under one roof.

Cheers Jason


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