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Painting Up-date

Well it’s been a busy few months. I was promoted at work just before Christmas and then the holiday season was upon us. One of my main pledges during the holidays was to build more terrain. So far I’ve managed to build a Sarrissia 28mm Roman Villa, modern construction buildings by TT Combat and several fantasy ruins using old plastic Games Workshop Lord of the Rings kits.

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Building a Man Cave

Man Cave

So I recently moved house, all the way from down south in Bath upto Sunny Sheffield in Yorkshire. This also meant we were able to purchase a much larger property, and I finally get a room to myself, a man cave, or as the other half refers to it the JUNK ROOM.

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Euro Militaire 2010

Euro Militaire is a two day show aimed at modelers, is hosts one of the largest miniature painting contests in the country and attracts entrants from all over the UK and Europe. This year saw a jaw dropping 1000 + entrants to the competition.

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Painting Camouflage

Regardless of weather we play historical or Sci-Fi at some point we’ll need to paint camouflage on our armoured vehicles or infantry. Getting it to look right is half the battle, so I surfed the web looking for decent tutorials to help everyone and myself just do that, getting it right.
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A sculpt along-a great idea, so get involved.

Over on Griffon guides, the sculptor and demon winning painter James Griffin is running a cool concept called a sculpt along, he sculpts a mini and you follow his blog learning to sculpt your own. I think this is a great idea and will be following the project with an attempt at sculpting my own mini. I will keep updates on my own progress here.

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Winter Basing, Painting Techniques and weathering

Well its that time of year, snow is falling, its cold and you suddenly want to make winter bases for your pending army. Well I decided to trawl the net looking for some of the best tutorials on painting winter bases, dioramas, NMM painting  and camoflague.

1. First up is an excellent tutorial on painting winter armour by misterfinn over on Brushthralls. This technique can be used on WW2, Great War and modern armour, as well as sci-fi. Here misterfinn is painting a warjack from Privateer Press.

War Jack in Winter Camoflague
War Jack in Winter Camoflague

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Using Historical Fencing Manuals for Reference (Part 3)

Medieval Longsword

The Medieval longsword, “langenschwert,” or “spada a due mani,” was a specialized form of the “knightly” cruciform sword that developed in the early 13th century. Although initially developed to combat reinforced mail armour, by the mid-15th century, the
longsword had also become a civilian, “dueling” weapon in the city streets of Europe. This style of swordplay became so popular that fencing matches are recorded in Germany as late as the mid-18th century, two hundred years after the weapon’s usefulness on the battlefield had died out.

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