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Late Imperial Chinese Armies 1520-1840

Osprey Publishing, Author; Chris Peers

This is part of Osprey Publishing’s Men at Arms series. This book covers information on uniform, insignia and appearance of the Chinese military fighting units during the periods from 1520-1840. It’s the 5th and final book by Chris Peers covering Chinese military history from the earliest recorded historical period right through to the early 19th Century.

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Gangs of Rome (Blood on the Aventine)

Welcome, Dominus to ancient Rome. A cruel and deadly city, it takes a cruel and deadly soul to survive and prosper here. As the head of a rich house with ambitions on the senate, you have chosen to do more than survive, more than prosper. You’ve chosen to recruit, to dominate and to ascend.

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The Criminal Underbelly of the Roman World


Just like the modern world, the Roman Empire was infested with criminal elements, and gangs were every where, especially in the capital Rome. Some were merely petty thieves, smugglers whilst others were more like the fore bearers of modern organised gangs, such as the Mafia in Italy and the US or the Yakuza in Japan.

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Skirmish, skirmish, skirmish!


Recently I’ve switched to playing skirmish games. There are several reasons for this all of which prompted me to switch from building, painting large war-game armies. I prefer the ability to play several games in a short space of time. I have found that I can squeeze in several skirmish games in the length of time it takes to play a large battle game.

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Raiding in the Late Roman Period

In the Late 3rd Century environmental conditions around the Rhine, which gave rise to flooding and easier access to the sea allowed the Saxon and Frankish tribes to develop sea borne travel. It was at this time that the Roman Military started to abandon the are due to flooding. Which allowed the Saxon tribes more freedom to move and carry out raids.

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Trojan England

In the twelfth century a welsh cleric wrote a book entitled the History of the Kings of Britain. He made claims within the book that stated that British kings were descended from the Trojans, and that ancestors of the Trojans landed in Britain some time after the fall of Troy, creating a Trojan/Greek state in South West Britain.

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Alaric and the Goths

Alaric and the Goths played an active part in the downfall of the Western Roman Empire.
The origins of the Goths is still quite a puzzle for modern historians and archaeologists, though some of the written evidence dating from around the second century suggests that they were settled around modern day Poland. It is believed by many that they originated from the Baltic region and possibly from Gotland in Sweden.

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Barbarian Conspiracy


In the late Roman period Britain had become the bread basket of the Northern Empire, providing vast amounts of grain to the army stationed along the Rhine and in Gaul. It had become a valuable region of the empire, and so was a target for raiders seeking loot.

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Roman Britain (A short Overview)

For over 400 years the Romans governed Britain, and they brought with them their culture, architecture, religion, language and military. The Roman army first arrived under Julius Cesar in 55/54 BC. The first invasion was unsuccessful, leading to a 2nd attempt the following year.

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Irregular Magazine Issue 12 Out Now

Issue 12

We have another great issue this month, packed with excellent articles and tutorials. We have a great retrospective looking at a Empire, a computer game from the 70s that is still being played today on the internet.

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