Army Building Challenge

Over the next few months I’m going to be building several small armies for various periods in history. The plan is to blog the build and painting of each army as I go.

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Can I start an army for under £150


One of the constant complaints I hear from gamers are the rising cost of gaming. Especially by those who want to start a new army for a system they already play or getting into a new game. Most say the high start up costs put them off. So I decided how cheaply can I start a new army for a system I don’t play.

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Roman Britain (A short Overview)

For over 400 years the Romans governed Britain, and they brought with them their culture, architecture, religion, language and military. The Roman army first arrived under Julius Cesar in 55/54 BC. The first invasion was unsuccessful, leading to a 2nd attempt the following year.

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Gulf War 1990 -1991 (part 1)

I thought I’d take a look at a more recent conflict and one in which I served with the Royal Artillery. Even though the land war was quite short, it does have some scope for tank battles, there is also potential for an alternative history campaign, where by the war didn’t end when it did. The possibility for an extended middle east conflict could be an interesting alternative, with allied forces going into Iraq, and Iran deciding to intervene, and a mirror of the current situation with insurgents. 

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Roman Roads in Britain

When the Romans began their conquest of Celtic Britain in 43AD, they found a haphazard collection of roads and paths, most connecting local fields and hamlets, but also some longer distance trade routes (e.g.. along the North Downs in Kent, and the Icknield Way along the Chiltern’s into Norfolk). 

Wroxeter Roman Town by Me (Flickr)

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