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Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815

On the 18th June 1815, two armies faced each other on a muddy field in Belgium. It would be a decisive battle that bring about an end to twenty years of conflict and reshape the future of Europe. Both armies were commanded by formidable military minds, who had a plethora of battlefield victories behind each of them.

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War of the Roses

Well I received 2 boxes of Perry’s War of the Roses miniatures, along with Foundry’s Medieval rule book. So as I now need to do some research on the subject to help build my army, and decide which faction to paint them as, I thought I’d add links to websites, book lists and companies where you can purchase minis from. 


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Movies to make you game

I was watching episodes of the World War Drama “Band of Brothers” a few days ago, and I was suddenly interested in having a go at a WW2 skirmish game. This led to me checking out miniatures at 28mm scale and rules. I thought about the possibility of running a short squad based campaign set in Europe in the days after D-day. Having spent an evening looking at possible minis and rules, I started to think about other movies that I’ve seen which have led to playing games based around those films.

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