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Miniature Board Game Painting Challenge


 If like me you not only play table top war-games but board games as well. You probably have one or two miniature board games in your collection. Well, I have several, and I’m one of those gamers who prefers his miniatures to be painted. So for the next twelve months I plan to paint all of the miniatures in each and every one of my board games.

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Ever had the fancy to make your own game, then check out this site.

Ever fancied making your own game, well this site will allow you publish your own game. It works just like, each game will be printed and boxed on demand. Could be a good way to get a prototype made, or a start a hobby making your own games.

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It is time you took that game you created and publish it. No more home made board or cards. You have arrived. Now, publish it!