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Board Game Painting Challenge Update

Red Dragon (Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game)

This is a quick update on my progress, this weekend. Well I’ve been quite busy, managing to get some Walking Dead Scenery pieces painted and a Dragon from DD’s Wrath of Ashardalon finished.

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Castles and Crusades

Now I’m a big fan of simple, free and old school RPG. I came across the Castles and Crusades RPG in my quest for free gaming, now this isn’t a free system, but it does have a free downloadable quick start rules, plus there are plenty of freebies out there on the net for this game.

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Irregular Magazine

I co-edit and design the layout for an on-line magazine called Irregular Magazine and I’ve finally decided to write a short piece about the mag here on this blog. The magazine cover all genres of gaming and during 2010 each issue will have a theme. The first theme of the year is the Undead, we have a fantastic cover by Ricardo Guimaraes. Each  magazine has sections dedicated to RPG, Wargaming, Painting Tutorials and hobby community articles, along with great artwork throughout. The aim of the magazine was to produce a modern version of an old retro RPG/gaming magazine that is multi system and not ridigdly dedicated to one in particular. Another feature of the magazine is that it doesn’t carry any advertising, though the magazine does have a review section.

Cover Art for Issue 3 of Irregular Magazine.


Irregular Magazine is a free PDF download full of hobby articles, tutorials, reviews and short stories.

Brought to you by hobbyists turned editors Jason Hubbard and Nick Johnson, Irregular Magazine has been designed to provide hobbyists with articles and tutorials on miniature painting, RPG and wargames.

All content is community generated, including the art-work, creating a very unique magazine, not specific to any one aspect of the hobby, or tied down to a particular game or manufacturer. Hopefully it will reflect the diversity of the hobby community.

Issues will appear every quarter, and back issues will remain online – so don’t worry if you lose your copy.

The magazine is FREE and is also advertisement free; this project makes absolutely no money – and we’re ok with that.

We recommend you print off only the pages you really need – this way you don’t have piles of paper cluttering up your space and it helps the environment.

Make use of the web enabled features to link directly from the magazine to sites of interest, or from the contents page to the article you want to read.

Irregular Magazine