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Stalingrad 1942

Stalingrad was one of the major battles that became a turning point in WW2 on the eastern front in Russia. Hitler decided to launch a new offensive in July 1942 with the aim of taking Stalingrad. General Friedrich Paulus, who commanded the 6th Army, was given orders to capture the city. Stalingrad was the centre of all rail and water communications for Southern Russia which made it a prime target for capture.

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Warlord 28mm Plastic Late War German Infantry

Another sprue arrived, though this time they were from Warlord, and fairly modern, being WW2 Late German Infantry. These are the first plastic World War Two miniatures available to my knowledge in 28mm, not only from Warlord but in general.

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Painting Camouflage

Regardless of weather we play historical or Sci-Fi at some point we’ll need to paint camouflage on our armoured vehicles or infantry. Getting it to look right is half the battle, so I surfed the web looking for decent tutorials to help everyone and myself just do that, getting it right.