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Alternative History

Alternative history campaigns, battles and backgrounds have always held an interest for both war gamers and historians, it’s the question, What If? Such as what would have happened during World War 2 if Hitler had invaded Britain?

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The art of the Duel

The practice of duelling was at its peak during the 11th to 20th  centuries and involved two people engaging in combat with either sword or pistol in later centuries. Today we have a sort of romantic notion regarding duels, as they are perceived to be about honour, duty and chivalry, but this is much further from the truth. Most were vicious brawls resulting in the death of one or both of the duellists.

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2011 and the Year ahead.

So a new year has rolled in and 2011 looks to be an interesting year. We have a VAT rise, going up to 20% here in the UK, how this will affect the hobby remains to be seen. GW has started the year with a law suit against a small company called Chapterhouse, which may have some interesting results for the hobby if this goes in favour of Chapterhouse. So what is in store for the hobby in 2011.

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Battle of Stoke Field 1487 – War of the Roses

The battle of Stoke Field was fought on the morning of the 16th June 1487. Its considered to be the last major battle of the War of the Roses. It was also the last engagement in which a Lancastrian King would face a Yorkist army.

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