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Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815

On the 18th June 1815, two armies faced each other on a muddy field in Belgium. It would be a decisive battle that bring about an end to twenty years of conflict and reshape the future of Europe. Both armies were commanded by formidable military minds, who had a plethora of battlefield victories behind each of them.

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Alternative History

Alternative history campaigns, battles and backgrounds have always held an interest for both war gamers and historians, it’s the question, What If? Such as what would have happened during World War 2 if Hitler had invaded Britain?

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Beat to Quarters

Well on Saturday at Patriot Games in Sheffield was independent RPG day, where a selection of independent published RPG’s were demoed. I managed to sit in and play Beat to Quarters, an RPG set in the turmoil of the Napoleonic period, written by Neil Gow, who also GM’d or should I rephrase that as Captained the crew.

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New for Christmas (Part 2)

6. Musketeer Miniatures, have several new miniatures available in time for xmas and beyond, first up are the Brigand Characters for Inter War gaming (1920-1938), though these guys could always be used as partisans in a WW2 game. They’ve been primarily sculpted for the game, A Very British Civil War, but that shouldn’t stop you getting them for a pulp game or as partisans for a WW2 battle. These guys are very nicely sculpted and full of character. I especially like the guy with the fur shoulders, he could quite happily be a leader of bandits, mercenaries or partisans.
Another range that musketeer produces are the dark ages, these are really lovely miniatures. I myself recently bought some of the range for a small dark age skirmish, which will become an article for Irregular Magazine issue 4. New for this range are the Goths, on the website is a photo of some of these guys painted, they look really great. Just the chaps to make the late Roman army tremble with fear.

New for Christmas (Part 1)

Well it’s not long now till the big day arrives, so I thought I’d do a quick run down of what’s new in the world of wargaming miniatures. Some of the following are on my wish list for the festive season.

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My historical miniature hoard

Some members of the painting group Sheffield Irregulars have decided to confess how much they have in thier unpainted mini hoard or grey army. My wife posted hers up last night, so i’ve decided to go through my historical hoard, and confess to how much I have and I’m pretty confident that I don’t have any where near as large a collection as my wife and friends.

Well here is the first image

This includes a box of Royalists, and in the bags are artillery. I have already painted up a unit of pike and musket for a Parlimentarian army, one of the sakers in this picture will be added to that.

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English Civil War Campaigns at County Level

This campaign could be used as a short introduction to campaign gaming or as a side line to a much larger campaign. The English Civil War is full of small campaigns fought at local level right across the country. This particular background is set in and around Derbyshire, though with some research most counties will throw up a local character who led forces either against or for the King.

I’ve included here some key points and events. I haven’t included an account of the siege for Hopton Heath, as this is easily accessible information through the use of the internet.

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