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Painting Up-date (April-June)

Well I’ve been stuck at home since the end of March, which has meant I’ve managed to get plethora of miniatures painted. On the 28mm side of things I’ve painted 97 miniatures along with built and painted 6 pieces of terrain and finally built the Stoic Arms by 4Ground. I’ve also finished all my 28mm Bolt Action tanks, a couple of vehicles for Team Yankee and the German infantry from the Flames of War starter box, Hit the Beach.

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Painting the Death Guard Myphitic Blight-Hauler

The Myphitic Blight-hauler is a light Daemon Engine that provides the Death Guard with heavy firepower wherever it is needed. Resembling a Bloat-drone that has been stripped of its turbines, this strange machine has heavy weapons mounted on its carapace, and its rusting armored plates can absorb impressive punishment – as can its blubbery exposed flesh-parts, which soak up appalling trauma.

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Painting Up-date(Jan-March 2020)

It’s been an interesting and unusual start to the year, at one point there were fears that the US would go to war with Iran. The we in the UK finally left the EU for good or worse. Then there were reports coming out of China in early January of a new disease, a influenza type virus. Then within a couple of weeks things started to look grim over in Wuhan, China. We started to see images of packed hospitals and people wearing masks.

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Building a Man Cave

Man Cave

So I recently moved house, all the way from down south in Bath upto Sunny Sheffield in Yorkshire. This also meant we were able to purchase a much larger property, and I finally get a room to myself, a man cave, or as the other half refers to it the JUNK ROOM.

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Board Game Painting Challenge Update

Red Dragon (Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game)

This is a quick update on my progress, this weekend. Well I’ve been quite busy, managing to get some Walking Dead Scenery pieces painted and a Dragon from DD’s Wrath of Ashardalon finished.

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Painted miniatures this year so far

Some of the miniatures I managed to get painted before relocating north over a month ago. For the months of April and May I was unable to paint due to all my hobby stuff being packed up for moving. Since moving I now have a dedicated man cave, so I aim to get more miniatures painted going forward.

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Stalingrad 1942

Stalingrad was one of the major battles that became a turning point in WW2 on the eastern front in Russia. Hitler decided to launch a new offensive in July 1942 with the aim of taking Stalingrad. General Friedrich Paulus, who commanded the 6th Army, was given orders to capture the city. Stalingrad was the centre of all rail and water communications for Southern Russia which made it a prime target for capture.

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