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Irregular Magazine Issue 10

Issue 10 is now available, and this issue looks at the concept of an Apocalypse. We have an action packed issue, with plenty of articles.

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Alternative History

Alternative history campaigns, battles and backgrounds have always held an interest for both war gamers and historians, it’s the question, What If? Such as what would have happened during World War 2 if Hitler had invaded Britain?

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Using the D2o Licence (Part 1)

The 3.5 or D20 licence development kit is a great tool to use, it provides the core mechanics for the D20 system, and makes designing and developing products for WotC’s Dungeons and Dragons game a much more easier process.
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Irregular Magazine Issue 7 Out Now

This issue our theme is Frontiers, and our themed content includes: Palm Crossing – a Frontier town for Traveller RPG; two fantastic short stories; a historical article on the Zulu War; artist Brynn Metheney tells us about the landscape and creatures of Morae River as well as reviews of Tea Wars, Musket & Tomahawk, New World Disorder, Clockwork & Chivalry.


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2011 and the Year ahead.

So a new year has rolled in and 2011 looks to be an interesting year. We have a VAT rise, going up to 20% here in the UK, how this will affect the hobby remains to be seen. GW has started the year with a law suit against a small company called Chapterhouse, which may have some interesting results for the hobby if this goes in favour of Chapterhouse. So what is in store for the hobby in 2011.

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Beat to Quarters

Well on Saturday at Patriot Games in Sheffield was independent RPG day, where a selection of independent published RPG’s were demoed. I managed to sit in and play Beat to Quarters, an RPG set in the turmoil of the Napoleonic period, written by Neil Gow, who also GM’d or should I rephrase that as Captained the crew.

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Bronze Campaign Setting

Its been a while since I lasted posted here, which I apologise for. My first post for a while is a quickie looking at a D20 Modern Pulp style D20 background, that could easily be used as a background for a skirmish wargame with a pulp feel. So for the first part of this post will look at the actual campaign setting, then I will add links to Pulp style miniatures.

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