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Alternative History

Alternative history campaigns, battles and backgrounds have always held an interest for both war gamers and historians, it’s the question, What If? Such as what would have happened during World War 2 if Hitler had invaded Britain?

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A Very British Civil War – Campaign for Redruth and Camborne


Redruth in Cornwall has become a stronghold for socialist factions but overall control has been sought by two factions, Redruth Redcoats and Redruth Socialist Brigade (Redshirts). Until now, this infighting has only been shown through political means, debates and rallies. Now its turned ugly with small skirmishes breaking out.

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Irregular Magazine Issue 5

rregular Magazine Issue 5 / Summer ‘10 is out now!
108 pages, no adverts, free to download

It’s a bumper issue to celebrate our 1st anniversary and to make it really special we’ve made it available in print as well as a downloadable PDF. The quality of the print version is equivalent to a standard codex from a leading wargames company.
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New books for Very British Civil War

Two new books are avaliable from Solway for A Very British Civil war.

VCBW The Gathering Storm 2.2-  will cover Birmingham, The Severn Valley Campaign,Somerset, Cornwall and Devon as well as material on the Navy, Army and Airforce, Trains, Espionage and other ideas for Campaigns.

A Gentleman’s guide to the Factions, Flags and Formations of 1938 A Very British Civil War Bk1 – This will be avaliable this weekend. The book cover flag, factions and charecters from the fictional alternative history setting.

Both Books can be purchased from here

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A Very British Civil War – Freebies

One of the games I play is an alternative history setting called A Very British Civil War, set in 1930’s Britian. The concept is that King Edward didn’t abdicate when he married ………, as a result sections of the goverment resigned in protest, which left a power vacum and allowed Mosley and the Facisits to take control. This in turn led to civil war as various factions around the  country took to arms in  protest.

Gathering Storm

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