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Painting Up-date (April-June)

Well I’ve been stuck at home since the end of March, which has meant I’ve managed to get plethora of miniatures painted. On the 28mm side of things I’ve painted 97 miniatures along with built and painted 6 pieces of terrain and finally built the Stoic Arms by 4Ground. I’ve also finished all my 28mm Bolt Action tanks, a couple of vehicles for Team Yankee and the German infantry from the Flames of War starter box, Hit the Beach.

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Painting Up-date(Jan-March 2020)

It’s been an interesting and unusual start to the year, at one point there were fears that the US would go to war with Iran. The we in the UK finally left the EU for good or worse. Then there were reports coming out of China in early January of a new disease, a influenza type virus. Then within a couple of weeks things started to look grim over in Wuhan, China. We started to see images of packed hospitals and people wearing masks.

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An Army for under £150 (Part 2)


So having decided to build and paint a Warhammer Fantasy Army, I decided to do High Elves. My first port of call was to head over to EBay and try my luck on some bargains. To be honest I was surprised how cheap some of the listings are.

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Can I start an army for under £150


One of the constant complaints I hear from gamers are the rising cost of gaming. Especially by those who want to start a new army for a system they already play or getting into a new game. Most say the high start up costs put them off. So I decided how cheaply can I start a new army for a system I don’t play.

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Skirmish, skirmish, skirmish!


Recently I’ve switched to playing skirmish games. There are several reasons for this all of which prompted me to switch from building, painting large war-game armies. I prefer the ability to play several games in a short space of time. I have found that I can squeeze in several skirmish games in the length of time it takes to play a large battle game.

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Alaric and the Goths

Alaric and the Goths played an active part in the downfall of the Western Roman Empire.
The origins of the Goths is still quite a puzzle for modern historians and archaeologists, though some of the written evidence dating from around the second century suggests that they were settled around modern day Poland. It is believed by many that they originated from the Baltic region and possibly from Gotland in Sweden.

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Roman Britain (A short Overview)

For over 400 years the Romans governed Britain, and they brought with them their culture, architecture, religion, language and military. The Roman army first arrived under Julius Cesar in 55/54 BC. The first invasion was unsuccessful, leading to a 2nd attempt the following year.

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Alternative History

Alternative history campaigns, battles and backgrounds have always held an interest for both war gamers and historians, it’s the question, What If? Such as what would have happened during World War 2 if Hitler had invaded Britain?

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