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Issue 6 Irregular Magazine now avaliable


Cover by Will Kirkby


The new Magic themed issue is available to download now
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IMP 2010

Well at the weekend Sheffield Irregulars held their annual painting show. I was there to help organise and man the Irregular Magazine stand. Visitors came from all over the UK , all of which had one thing in common, the love of painting miniatures Continue reading “IMP 2010”

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Irregular Magazine Issue 5

rregular Magazine Issue 5 / Summer ‘10 is out now!
108 pages, no adverts, free to download

It’s a bumper issue to celebrate our 1st anniversary and to make it really special we’ve made it available in print as well as a downloadable PDF. The quality of the print version is equivalent to a standard codex from a leading wargames company.
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Painting Camouflage

Regardless of weather we play historical or Sci-Fi at some point we’ll need to paint camouflage on our armoured vehicles or infantry. Getting it to look right is half the battle, so I surfed the web looking for decent tutorials to help everyone and myself just do that, getting it right.
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Irregular Magazine Issue 3

The cold weather is here, and what better to read whilst you keep yourself warm, than the latest issue of Irregular Magazine – Issue 3 / Winter ’10?

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