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Painting Up-date (April-June)

Well I’ve been stuck at home since the end of March, which has meant I’ve managed to get plethora of miniatures painted. On the 28mm side of things I’ve painted 97 miniatures along with built and painted 6 pieces of terrain and finally built the Stoic Arms by 4Ground. I’ve also finished all my 28mm Bolt Action tanks, a couple of vehicles for Team Yankee and the German infantry from the Flames of War starter box, Hit the Beach.

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Terrain Project Update

At the start of this year I planned to build a gaming table utilizing the Sarrissa terrain tiles.The plan for the project is to build a generic Asian town that could easily fit into 19/20th Century Asia, with specific influence from China.

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Painting Up-date(Jan-March 2020)

It’s been an interesting and unusual start to the year, at one point there were fears that the US would go to war with Iran. The we in the UK finally left the EU for good or worse. Then there were reports coming out of China in early January of a new disease, a influenza type virus. Then within a couple of weeks things started to look grim over in Wuhan, China. We started to see images of packed hospitals and people wearing masks.

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Bolt Action & Flames of War Update

Well what have I been doing for the last few days since my last post. Well for starters I cracked open my German Flames of War army from the carry case, and decided to make a start on the infantry.

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Images of War: Fall of Berlin

Publisher: Pen & Sword   Author: Ian Baxter

Using an excellent range of wartime photographs of both Russian and German armies the author Ian Baxter superbly describes the last attempt by German forces to defend Berlin from assault by Russian army,

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Images of War: Hitler’s Light Tanks

Publisher: Pen & Sword    Author: Paul Thomas

This book covers the complete range of light tanks in use by the German army during WW2. This includes technical specifications, combat use in theatre and variations all of which is lavishly illustrated throughout.

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Painting Update (Nov 2019-Jan 2020)

This post is a little late as I wrote it in early January but forgot to post it. Well it’s been quite an eventful few month here in the UK, we were about to leave the EU when the last issue went live, but that didn’t happen, we have yet another new PM and then we had another election.

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What A Tanker (Review)

What a Tanker is a new and much awaited set of rules by Too Fat Lardies, its basically World of Tanks on the table top. In recent years tank combat has become quite popular, especially those set during WW2 which has been made popular by Bolt Action.

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Major John Monro and the Asian Great Escape

POW escapes in Europe are well known to the public through books and films such as the Great Escape and the Colditz story, but prisoner of war escapes in Asia are generally not so well known. Some of the reasons for this were the conditions those prisoners were kept in. Most Japanese POW’s didn’t want to talk about their experiences, my Great Uncle was one of them. The Japanese treated prisoners horrifically regardless of nationality, many were made to perform hard labor under extreme conditions, and many females were forced into becoming comfort women.

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