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Zulu War and Isandlwana

The Anglo-Zulu war was fought between the British Empire and the Zulu Nation. The war would effectively end Zulu independence and dominance over native tribes in the region. The Zulu tribe originated from North of Africa and displaced the original inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert. By the 17th century the Zulus were fully settled in the area known as KwaZulu.
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My historical miniature hoard

Some members of the painting group Sheffield Irregulars have decided to confess how much they have in thier unpainted mini hoard or grey army. My wife posted hers up last night, so i’ve decided to go through my historical hoard, and confess to how much I have and I’m pretty confident that I don’t have any where near as large a collection as my wife and friends.

Well here is the first image

This includes a box of Royalists, and in the bags are artillery. I have already painted up a unit of pike and musket for a Parlimentarian army, one of the sakers in this picture will be added to that.

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