China in WW2

This page is a list of resources for those looking to build a WW2 period Chinese Army. Most of these are web sites, books and miniatures I’ve come across whilst trying to build my own period army for China. I’ll include links to any blog posts I’ve written as well. This page will be regularly up-dated.


Warlord Games – Recently Warlord expanded Bolt Action into the Korean conflict, as part of this range they introduced communist Chinese. Fortunately most were stilled armed with WW2 period weapons and equipment, which means the infantry can be used as WW2 communist troops.


Copplestone Castings – These are from the Back of Beyond range, though this range is set during the Warlord period 1920-1930’s, they are suitable for Early WW2 armies. Especially Warlord and Nationalists. You could use the bandits as early Communists troops.


Pulp Figures – There several miniatures in this range which are suitable for early period Nationalists and Communist forces, but the sculpts are a bit cartoony. Though as of writing this post the figures were being re-sculpted.


Caesar Miniatures – These are in 1/72 or 20mm scale plastic figures. There are 40 to a box in a number of poses. I bought a box of these for my 20mm games, the sculpts are really good, posing is fine with a good variety. I highly recommend these for anyone thinking of building a Chinese army in 20mm. The only down side is they’re not hard plastic, so the weapons are a little bendy.



Wikipedia page –  This is a good place to start as it provides a comprehensive overview of China during WW2.

China’s war with Japan 1937-1945 – This article in Guardian is an excellent read and again provides an informative overview of the conflict.

China in World War 2 – This page has some very good links that will prove very useful for those researching the Chinese military during this period.


WW2 – Japanese Invasion of China | The Second Sino-Japanese War | 1937-45 | World War II Documentary

China vs Japan in WW2 – Hilltop battle [Eng Sub] – this is a clip from a Chinese movie

Infantry weapons of World War II – The Republic of China

Chinese Troops Drive Japs from Changteh

Blogs Posts

China 1911 Though this is not strictly WW2 it does provide some information on pre-war China and a hint at what would happen to post war China.